How many of you are fans of Comedy Central’s Workaholics? If you’re down with Blake, Adam and Ders, then this upcoming Workaholics x Lakai Collection should definitely put a smile on your face. Not only will the collection feature shirts and hats, it will also come with three different Workaholics-themed sneakers to choose from.

The Workaholics x Lakai collection keeps things pretty laid back and casual as the collection will include long-sleeved T-shirts, short-sleeved T-shirts, two caps and two snapbacks. The items that really caught my eye are all the ones that come with caricature drawing of all the main characters from the show. When it comes to the shoes, you have your choice of either the Lakai Griffin coming dressed in suit and leather materials if you[‘re going for the subtle look. If you feel like switching it up a bit, you can go with the Lakai Camby in either the aforementioned “co-worker” illustrated print, or the much more subtle version that comes in shades of Blue, White and Red. Items will range from $30 to $65. Need something from the collection? You’ll be able to get everything from the Workaholics x Lakai Collection beginning July 16th.


via: Lakai
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Author’s Take

Big fan of the show. Not too familiar with Lakai footwear, but I’d be down to pick up the Camby with the “co-worker” illustration. It’s too “noice!”

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