Kobe Bryant is on the latter part of his farewell tour. It’s become customary to see players and teams gift Kobe with farewell gifts, but last night Kobe was the one giving a player gifts. After Paul George and the Indiana Pacers managed to squeak out a win against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, Kobe Bryan went to the Pacers locker room and gave Paul George an autographed pair of his Nike Kobe 11 All Star Elite.

Not sure what kind of words exchanged between the two, but it was definitely a sentimental moment, some would say a passing of the torch kind of moment, since it appears as if Paul George is the chosen one to be Nike’s next signature athlete. Why do you think Kobe gave PG-13 his kicks? Will Paul George get his own signature within the next two years? Sound off in the comments below.

via: Nike Basketball

Author’s Take

I’m a huge fan of Paul George and the Indiana Pacers. The moment I hear about this and saw the pictures, that was the first thing that came to mind. I can just picture Kobe telling Paul, “Ball’s in your court, go get it young fella!”, or something along those lines.

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