Let’s say you’re an avid runner. What are you wearing right now or better yet, what is your shoe of preference when it comes to running? The better question is, would you trade in the shoe you currently run in for a brand new pair of adidas Ultra Boosts?

That’s exactly what happened this past weekend during the Bolder Boulder race in Boulder, Colordo. Participants who were taking part in this race were asked by adidas if they were willing to trade in the sneakers they are wearing right now for a brand new pair of adidas Ultra Boost. It turns out adidas was offering many runners to trade in their old shoe for their pair of adidas that they are calling “the greates running shoe ever”. What do you think the end result was? While we’re not exactly sure how many pairs of the Ultra Boosts adidas took to the race, they still managed to give away all of the pairs that they had initially took with them, and it only took them two hours for them to do so. So, what happened to all the traded in pairs that people used to own? adidas ended up donating them to Soles4Souls which is a non-profit organization that happens to provide footwear for people in need who live in impoverished communities worldwide.

via: adidas


Author’s Take

By coming up with this event, adidas managed to do several things. They managed to give away one of their most highly coveted shoes to people who in return are going to provide free publicity benefiting¬†adidas. There is no doubt the Ultra Boost is an amazing shoe but at times people for one reason or another may not know about it. Now that they do know about it they’re going to provide this information to other people who may not know about the shoe as well. Aside from giving the Ultra Boost even more publicity, adidas also managed to do anther good deed by providing shoes to people who may be in need of some. It’s a win-win for adidas.

via: adidas

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