Are you a person who loves sneakers, particularly Air Jordan retros? Chances are that you do, so if you’re looking for a dope timepiece, then look no further.

We know you’ve seen this concept/theme done over and over again, but this rendition of the Air Jordan Retro clock has been executed to perfection this time around. Done by the people over at GoodWood NYC, this Jordan retro clock features Baltic birch plywood with Air Jordan models 1-12 carved into it to represent each hour of the day.

You can cop yours now in either Tan Wood or Grey, but don’t sleep because they won’t last. Maybe some of you will be able to tell time better since you know your Jordan silhouettes so well. Haha.

Would you like to see a LeBron 1-12 clock done? It’s finally possible now this year that the LeBron 12 just released. That would be dope. Let’s see who’s the first to create one.

via: Good Wood NYC

Available Now on Kixify & eBay