For years we have seen the K-Swiss Classic. It is one of the few shoes that migrated from the court to the streets. Created in 1966, the Classic was the first white leather shoe to hit the streets. The creators, Art and Ernie Brunner, wanted to create a high performance “tennis” shoe. Before the K-Swiss, all most of us knew were bright canvas shoes. To help tell the story of the K-Swiss Classic, they have launched a “You gotta know your classics” campaign. For the campaign, K-Swiss commissioned 8 artist to tell the 8 chapters of the story through posters. The story is quite intriguing and has been kept on the low for a long time. So for all you sneaker history buffs out there, get ready to be blessed with the real.

Being from California, I have heard many things about the meaning K-Swiss, but it is good to know that it stands for Kalifornia-Swiss. The campaign as a whole is going to be pretty low key and focus around the history of the product instead of flashy advertisements. So keep you eye open for smal bits and pieces of the story while you are browsing online. Only 400 of the full color posters were created, and will be quite difficult to find. Check out the posters below and hit up for the rest of the story.