Praise the sneaker gods, the Nike Air Max2 CB ’94 is coming back!  Easily recognized as the favorite of the classic Charles Barkley line, the Air Max2 CB ’94 in this original color has been long overdue.

For those who don’t remember, this sneaker – known for its aggressive midsole design – was a staple on the black top of every mid-90s middle school.  Charles Barkley was at the top of his game and ultra popular for his “I’m not a role model,” bad boy persona.  While we have seen the shoe retro before, collectors have really been waiting on this colorway for some time with original release pairs now very scarce.

I always wonder how these true classics will do when released to a new generation so far removed from the energy of their original release.  We saw the similarly aged Air Raid retro fall on deaf ears last year,  I certainly hope this classic gets the respect it deserves.  Stay tuned for release information as it is made available.

Source: Naver

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