Patso Dimitrov has made quite a name for himself in the sneaker world with his mash up projects that some wish would come to life. In his latest work, he combines some of adidas’ latest and greatest on the hardwood with the kicks of a certain man of the hour/day/week/year, Kanye West.

Dimitrov uses the most famous aspects of the Yeezy Boost and places them on model like the adidas J Wall 2, The Kobe (now known as Crazy 1) and Crazylight Boost. Now a cynic might look at these pictures and shrug them off as merely being hack edits with the Yeezy Boost sole (and sometimes a 750-esque midfoot strap) slapped on the bottom of each shoe, but for some, like the adidas D Rose 6, there’s a little more to them than meets the eye and the result is a luxury sneaker that could easily pass as an actual Yeezy basketball shoe or something the Y3 folks might cook up. Certainly more work would need to be done to make these actual retail products and not horrible Spizike nightmares, but you can see adidas’ sensibilities on display here.

I can only imagine what Dimitrov has planned for next. Maybe a Yeezy 950 boot mixed Primeknit? Sure, that’s basically a ugly Christmas sweater on your feet and legs but I don’t think that’s a bad deal at all.

Check out some of Dimitrov’s previous work including mixing Air Jordans with Nike’s newest signature shoes, NBA-inspired Yeezy Boosts and putting Venom on the Air Jordan XX9.

Yeezy J Wall 2 Yeezy Rose 6 Yeezy Crazy 1 Yeezy Crazy 8

Source: @pvtso
h/t: Sole Collector