World's Largest Sneaker Marketplace Just Got Better

Kixify is proud to announce the launch of Kixify Profiles. Buyers and sellers will now have the ability to create a more personalized experience that connects them to the sneakers that they want faster than ever before.

Kixify Profiles (mobile)

Kixify launched in 2013 with a vision of becoming the best and only community marketplace sneakerheads need to buy and sell their sneakers online. What makes Kixify an outlier from the pack is this vision is not just something that sneakerheads want, but they have a voice in seeing that vision become a reality.

Kixify works daily with its community of buyers and sellers to create a better experience for everybody.  For so long, the only way sneakerheads were able to find those rare kicks was through conventional brick and mortar locations and monolithic corporations where the power lied with them.

The goal of Kixify was give that power back to the sneaker community, where millions of sneakerheads can have a self-sustaining sneaker shop that they can call their own. And when the community has that power to affect change, it emboldens them to think differently and make things better not just for themselves, but for everybody.

Kixify Profiles Web

Profiles are just one of the many innovations that were developed through this relationship. Through this new social platform, Kixify buyers can give everybody a better picture of what they want. No two sneakerheads are alike and naturally, what one Kixify buyer is looking for is going to be drastically different from another. This is what Profile offers buyers:

Buyer Profiles – Demo

Follow Favorite Stores – Search for highly trusted sellers through personal experience and recommendations from the community.

  • Want Lists – Let the world know what kicks are right for you. Track kicks that you might to purchase at a later time and let sellers know that this is what you want.
  • Notifications – Never miss out on a deal again. When a seller announces a price drop or a restock or new listings, you will be the first to know.
  • My Feed – Personalize your search right down to the size, colorway and price and it appears in one convenient space on your Profile.

Buyer Profiles

Kixify is about empowering the community and turning their love of sneakers and sneaker culture into something more. Profiles will benefit sellers because in a number of ways:

Seller Profiles – Demo

  • Build A Reputation – Sneakerheads have long been conditioned to be wary of the places they buy sneakers. Through Profiles, sellers are able to develop that trust with the buyer by letting them see their past history and feedback they have received from other buyers.
  • Repeat Customers – When a seller proves themselves to be a trustworthy seller, that encourages buyers to follow and see what else might be available. Repeat business is critical to creating a successful business.
  • Notifications – Sellers will be able to foster a deeper trust with followers when they are offered deals and new listing exclusive to them.

Kixify Profiles is the next step in building a safer, hassle-free shopping experience. It  is available now for current users and those new to community that want a better experience buying kicks online. Sign up now at