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As you should all know by now, James Harden just signed with adidas making him the newest adidas athlete and about $200 million dollars richer. The deal actually became official earlier this week so he’s technically an adidas athlete. What we find a bit strange is that Harden was recently spotted wearing a pair of Jordan 11s  during his pro camp in Texas earlier today.

Opting to go with the Air Jordan 11 Low IE in the white and black colorway (2011 release), this definitely had people wondering what was going on and why was Harden not wearing an adidas sneaker. Well it turns out that although Harden is technically an adidas athlete, his deal with Nike runs through August, meaning that he still has 16 days of Nike left in him. Now it makes sense right? Also if you’re wondering when Harden’s deal with adidas “officially” starts, it’s set to begin October 1st. Yea, I know, it can get confusing.

via: KHOUSportsMatt

 Author’s Take

Just to try to make things a bit clear, Harden is with adidas, just not yet. It’s a business, man. Marketing and contracts, you understand.

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