Having an all white pair of Air Max┬ásneakers is essential. Think of it as having an all white pair of Air Force 1’s. At one point in your life you had a pair, whether it was the lows, mids or highs, they are all classics. In this case we take a look at a pair of the new Air Max 1 Ultra in a color that was designed specifically for the ladies.

This new version of the Air Max 1 strips away the traditional mesh, or leather or canvas upper that we’re use to seeing and replaces them with a Hyperfuse construction (and a bit of mesh) for a lighter feel and extra breathability. The Ultra outsole that takes away excess material makes the shoe more lightweight than ever before which makes this a perfect sneaker to wear any and every day. It has such a clean look to it that it can be matched up with essentially anything. Metallic Silver accents have been added on the branding and outsole to give this show a tiny bit of color.

So how many of the females sneakerheads are planning on making this a Summer pick-up? Let us know in the comments below.

via: Size?

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