I’m sure you’ve all heard about what has been going on in Baltimore, Maryland in the past few days, if you don’t, please look it up. Check this out. The pictures above show what’s left of the Sportsmart sneaker store located in Baltimore. This is the result of the looting that took place yesterday afternoon when Baltimore was at its worst. ┬áThis store as well as others were completely cleaned out as part of the senseless acts that were happening on Monday. The pictures have been provided by the owner of the store, and the revealing photos are truly a sight to see. The sneaker store was completely cleaned out! Shoe boxes covering the entire floor, shelves that were once filled with athletics apparel have been cleaned out, and the storage area looks like a tornado had just passed by. Check out the photos above and┬álet us know what you think about this unfortunate event that’s currently happening in our very own country.

via: Sportsmart Instagram