Good evening good people. When thinking about NBA great Shaquille O’Neal the word DOMINANCE comes to mind. Believed by some to be the greatest center or Laker to ever live, the description seems fitting. The Big Diesel amassed four championships and fifteen Allstar appearances, with fans all over the world. And with an impressive resume like that we can see why Reebok chose to retro the Big Aristotle’s signature line. They started with the release of the Reebok Shaq Attaq a few months ago (to much buzz and fanfare), and now following up with Shaq’s second signature shoe the Reebok Shaqnosis. The shoe is quite polarizing. For most its a love or hate thing. But fans of the kicks have taken to Twitter and post comments to ask for a  SneakerFits, so who are we to not oblige? Let’s get to it!

Off the bat the kicks will catch every passerby’s eye. Even though they’re just black and white people wont be able to help but stare. The swirling hypnosis theme on the shoe lives up to its namesake. Because the shoe is just so far out there in terms of design we chose to go with simple black and white. Beside that, if you’ve noticed, black and white is very much in style right now. Black remains the new black, and white continues to be its companion. So for this fit its very basic and minimal. But we did choose a few pieces we found understated yet fresh. The styles also can be seen on many rappers and artists out there. On the left we went with white jeans. They’re popular and they match well with the kicks (obviously). Up top you have a regular tee with leather sleeves. This is a pretty dope style that will make you stand out from regular black tees that you’ll no doubt see, but it’s also minimal enough so you wont feel out of place. For the hat we matched it with the jeans. Cut and dry.

On the right side you have a nice graphic tee. The graphic is black but not over the top. Its a classy graphic that is versatile for many situations. For the legs we went flush black jeans. Its important for a man to have a pair of all black jeans. ALL. No colored pleats. The great thing about them is that you can rock them with more formal clothing and they can almost pass for dress pants. Supreme versatility. Try them with a blazer. The hat is black to match the jeans. These kicks are easy to match stuff with. You just don’t want to go overboard. I know awhile back we did a fit for these, but we wanted to do one again because the people kept asking for it on release week. Also remember to see yourself in the clothes IN YOUR SIZE. Nothing will look right to you if you see it five times smaller than you. Just picture you with the clothes on in the way you wear your clothes. Guaranteed you’ll match and look classy and fly. Tag your pics with #SneakeFits so we can see how you rocked the kicks.

Where To Get The Look:

Left Look: Hat: M&N Chicago NBA Script + Stars by Just Don , Tee: Black Pu Sleeve T-Shirt by Topman, Jeans: White Slim Straight by AE

Right Look: Hat: M&N Nets NBA Logo XL by Just Don , Tee: ADONIS by Under Los Angeles , Jeans: 514 Jeans by Levis

Sneakers: Reebok Shaqnosis OG Retro (releasing 7/12)