As of late there’s been a surge in what I like to call fringe sneakers. These kicks aren’t generally embraced unanimously by the sneakerhead community at large, but they have a cult following for those that love them. And it seems like brand like Nike reward those shoes with dope patterns and colorways to reward fans. These are sneakers like you Nike Inneva Woven, or your Nike Roshe Run, or case in point today, the Nike Solarsoft Moccasin. The NSM, for short, has had some great colorways lately, and even special editions like the YOTS, Beaches of Rio, and Nautical Flag. But recently the release of the Nike Solarsoft Moccasin SP “Hawaiian Floral” seemed to get people’s attention. It sold out almost immediately on and sneaker shops have taken to phone orders to slow traffic on their websites. The one particular sneaker in the pack that did the most work was the black, teal and pink colorway so we have a SneakerFits lined up for them.

First off the shoes are dope. It’s not even a question. They feature a pink floral pattern offset by black and teal colors. And those that have the Nike model have said they’re one of the most comfortable shoes available. On the left side we went casual with a west coast feel. Down low we have the cut off Dickies, a known west coast style. Its always dope to see a person take inspiration from several areas. These Dickies make that happen. They’re also a sharp contrast to the sneakers that people wont think of. Up top we have dope teal colored tee that matches well with the kicks. For the hat we added some white into the mix which matches colors on both the tee and the sneaks, as does the black in the hat.

On the right side we went more dressy. This is to show the versatility of the sneakers. Everybody doesn’t dress the same so we like to show some other options. Up top we went with the slender fit white button up. The shirt tapers in under the arm to create a more fitted look. Recently Jay-Z has been rocking a bunch of shirt like this. And he keeps the shirts buttoned all the way up to the top. Take a look at the Picasso Baby video to see what I mean. Down low we channeled Cam’ron with the pink chino shorts. They’re not too long and match great with the cut of the shorts. For the hat we went with a 5 panel that has all the same colors in it as the kicks (it’s not needed but some people rock a hat with everything). These kicks are different from run of the mill kicks you’ll see so try something new with the fit. But whatever you do tag us with #sneakerfits on your posts.

Where to Get The Look:

Left Look: Hat: Monticello 5 Panel Hat – White by 10 Deep, Tee: Peace Tee in Teal by Rocksmith, Shorts: Mens Slim Fit Cut-Off Shorts – Rinsed Khaki by Dickies

Right Look: Hat: Floral Canvas-Teal by Manhattan Project, Shirt: White Short Sleeve Smart Shirt by Topman, Shorts: Tissue Chino Shorts Caribbean Pink by Polo Golf

Sneakers: Nike Solarsoft Moccasin SP “Hawaiian Floral” (Available Now)

Available Now on Kixify & eBay