Independence Day is a week away. And amidst all the beach, BBQs, and family fun you’re sure to hear the explosion of firecrackers. Derived from Chinese celebrations, firecrackers have become synonymous with America’s 4th of July. Nike Skateboarding has taken that theme and fashion a pair of ever popular SB Dunk Lows. The Nike SB Dunk Low Premium “Firecracker Pack” has already gotten an explosive response from sneakerheads. So for those ready to get it cracking (see what i did there? lol) here is #sneakerfits options for the explosive SBs.

For the bottom we went camo. And I know, I know camouflage is cliche today in people’s wardrobes. But you have to admit there’s something about the print that adds something to an outfit. The camo shorts pictured here also can be cuffed/rolled up to show a different camo pattern. The camo pants also do the same, adding something different to something you’ve become accustomed to. Both the pants and the shorts are neutral and go great with the color red (think of the Marine Corps).  As for the the tops, on the left side we went with a white tank with some red in the graphic. This will match both the red pair of SBs and the black. On the right there’s an extremely dope black tank which you can never go wrong with. Headgear is simple. Both hats match the kicks, red and black respectively. If the SB Firecracker Pack is on your menu for Independence Day tag your outfit with #sneakerfits so we can take a look.

Where To Get The Look:

Left Look: Tank: Between The Lines Tank by ROOK, Shorts: S13 Ground Troops Convertible Shorts – Desert Forest by 10 Deep, Top Hat: XXX Snapback (RED)  by Roberto Vincenzo

Right Look: Tank: Knives by KR3W, Pants: H12 D2 Riverside Pant by 10 Deep, Bottom Hat: “Been Trill” NY Snapback by 40oz NYC

Sneakers: Nike SB Dunk Low “Firecracker Pack”