Today for SneakerFits we went in a different direction. For those who love Family Guy this could definitely be dope for you. And for those who don’t the sneaker are nice enough for you to at least admire the reason why we chose them. So everybody wins today! The Nike SB Dunk Hi “Quagmire” released about four years ago. Already a brilliant looking shoe, it also hit home with fans of the hilarious adult cartoon Family Guy. It was based off of the always funny and slightly pervish Glenn Quagmire. His attire on the show provided the bases for the sneaks, with the red and yellow flower print on his shirt matching the one on the sneakers. And his blue khaki pants matching the blue suede on the SBs. So we thought it’d be dope to create an outfit modernized for sneakerheads with the same colors that Quagmire wears. Giggity giggity, giggity goo…

For the upper half we went with a tank top for the summer. The red and yellow tank match the color of the sneaks. For the pants we went Quagmire style with the blue chino khaki pants. As far as accessories we stuck with the blue color as too not be too bright and overpower the kicks. For the headgear we took it up a few notches with the bright yellow to cause that top and bottom pop! Let us know what you think about the fit in the comments. And let us know if you would like to see SneakerFits a theme more often. We can’t appease everyone as everyone’s style is different. But what we try to do is show some different styles more than the average Nike or Jordan tee most people wear with their kicks (we respect it but there’s not much thought into that). It’s also a chance to show highlight some cool clothing brands and styles that people might not know. When you look at the clothing see them in your size, cut, and style. You may not like a shirt because it’s too fitted. Thats cool! Find a similar one in your size with a cut you like. We’re just here to inspire. So tag your outfits with #sneakerfits and keep an open mind.

Where To Get The Look”

Hat: The Play Snapback by Play Clothes, Tank: The Mind & Heart Tank Top in Coral by Billionaire Boys Club, Watch: The Time Teller P by Nixon, Pants: Chino Pants HETSON Navy by Strellson, Sunglasses: RB3025 58 AVIATOR

Sneakers:Nike SB Dunk High Premium “Quagmire” (Available Now)