The problem with sequels is that you never know quite how they’ll turn out. I mean you could either have something as good as the Dark Knight, or something as dismal as Dumb and Dumberer. Somehow sequels just don’t stack up to the originals. But there are a select few that do. This was the hope when we found that the immortal Nike KD 4 “Aunt Pearl” would have a successor. Though not reaching the plateau of the KD4 version (and you could blame that on the shoe itself not the colorway) the Nike KD 5 “Aunt Pearl” stood its ground with a brilliantly crafted specimen. Featuring a 3M like upper with light revealing engraved patterning, a stain glass lining and swoosh, and a pink Air Max bubble, the new Pearls looked pretty darn good. Not to mention the cause still and will forever give the colorway deeper meaning. Whether the 4s or 5s, the color pink still gets some guys squeamish. I mean its just a color, it won’t kill you. Just don’t over do it. Here’s a SneakerFits with options for the pink Nike Basketball kicks.

On the left look we kept it simple with skateboarder style attire. And by the way just because a certain style is common for certain groups doesn’t mean it can’t work for you. A few tweaks could make it your own. So on the left we went with a pair of dark camo chino pants and up top we went with a chill white pocket tee. Notice the tee’s pocket graphic is pink to match the shoes. We brought some vivid pink to the head with a deep pink 5 panel. The outfit did’t have much color (cause ya’ll be nervous about color) so we brought it with the hat.

On the right side we wanted to show the versatility that a nice sneaker can have. We wanted to show that you can put on a decent pair of jeans and a decent shirt and STILL rock your kicks. On the right side we went classic Oxford short sleeve shirt. Oxford meaning the collar buttons down. Down low we have a crisp pair of dark washed jeans.We have them pictured rolled up since its the summer but you can just as easily have them rolled down. For the hat we stayed with the navy blue matching the jeans. I’ve worn the look on the right to places where streetwear was too casual but this look wasn’t. Expand your “dressy” clothes beyond a polo shirt. You’ll thank me later. Tag your outfit with #sneakerfits as we are very anxious to see how you pulled these kicks off.

Where To Get The Look:

Left Look: Vision Quest 5-Panel Camp Hat by Mishka , Tee: Criss Cross Pocket by Akomplice,  Mens Weatherall Slim Fit Chino by DML Jeans

Right Look: Hat: Ironsiders Navigator by 10 Deep, Shirt: Pink Oxford Short Sleeve by Hamilton Shirts,  Jeans: 3301 Straight Jeans by G Star Raw

Sneakers: Nike KD 5 “Aunt Pearl” (available now)