Happy Saturday folks!  Nothing says summer like a pool. Not everyone is able to get to a beach but there’s always a pool somewhere around to cool off. There’s nothing like the smell of chlorine, the sound of laughter, and and the patter of feet running around a pool. And even though we shutter at the thought of getting our kicks wet some are more susceptible to water than other. When I know there’s a possibility of my sneaks getting wet I rock Nike Foamposites. And I said wet, as in splashed or a rain drop or two. No sneaks are meant for snorkeling. I just feel like the water runs right off so I’ll wear these. But anyway just in time for pool season when you wanna look fresh and pool ready, Nike drops the Nike Foamposite One “Sport Grey”. And is it just me or do the Sport Grey’s look like a nice pool?

Pool equals hot so lightweight and minimal clothing makes the most sense. On the left we went poolside look. Think: before you get in, chilling on a chair, stuff like that.  Down low there’s bleach white jean shorts. Don’t be afraid of white pants or shorts, Drake isn’t. They look fine as long as you don’t whitewash yourself out. The shorts aren’t totally bleached out, there’s some blue left in there to match the sneaks. Up top we went tank with multiple shades of blue. Headgear a neutral grey and blue five panel.

On the right this is for “Bro I came here to swim!”. Very lightweight once again and highly functional. Up top  plain white v-neck undershirt. It’s classic, simple, and you can rip it off and throw it on a chair in a moments notice. For the bottom we went pool necessity: swim trunks. Like I’ve mentioned before swim trunks can easily double as shorts. Plus they dry quick so you’ll be good for whatever. And as far as the hat we went with a simple blue and grey hat, once again matching the sneaks. If you have time enough to snap a picture before you jump in the pool tag it with #sneakerfits. Have a great summer!

Where To Get The Look:

Left Look: Hat: Essex 5-Panel Camp Cap by MBS. MFG. CO., Tank: S13 Camo Tank – Blue Chips by 10Deep, Shorts: Andrew’s Short – White Out by 10Deep

Right Look: Hat: Leopard Volley Blue 5 Panel Hat by HUF, Tee: V-Neck Shirt by Polo, Shorts: Tie Dye Swim Shorts by ASOS

Sneakers: Nike Foamposite One “Sport Grey” (available now)