Today we dip into a bit of Jordan lore that will be released tomorrow. It’s 1993 and His Airness, Michael Jordan, is back in the playoffs after winning two back to back titles. He reaches the Finals and completes the trifecta against Sir Charles and the Suns. THREE IN A ROW! He’s done so wearing one iconic shoe that will live on forever: the Air Jordan 8 “Playoffs”. We pay homage to greatness, and its soon return. Here is your #sneakerfits.

The “Playoffs” are the epitome of cool. Black suede dons the upper with a dope design to add flair to the kicks. So went with that vibe. Nothing typifies casual cool right now like a denim shirt. For the legs we went with flair and got a bit funky with a red desert camo pair of shorts. This will give some character to your outfit but isn’t over the top. The red and black in the shorts are the inverse of the black and red in the sneaks so it fits like a glove. As far as headgear goes we went black hat to match the color of the kicks. On the right side we went relaxed with neutrals. Grey tank for the summer with a black graphic that matches the color of the kicks. Pants we continued the neutrality with some army colored cargos. We took it vintage for the hat. A Macklemore thrift store type pick up. Vintage Finals hat with a bit of MJ lore as well. You’ll be sure no one will have that. So as you wear a pair of history on your feet don’t be shy and tag your gear with #sneakerfits.

Where To Get The Look:

Left Look: Hat: M&N Chicago NBA Script + Stars by Just Don, Shirt: Denim Shirt by Abercrombie & Fitch, Shorts: Ground Troops Convertible Shorts – Red Chips by 10 Deep

Right Look: Vintage Finals Bulls Hat (check eBay or local thrift store), Tank: Skeptics and Non Believers Tank Top by Glamour Kills, Pants: Ace Cargo Pants by Levi’s

Sneakers: Air Jordan 8 “Playoffs” (available 6/29)