Air Jordan 15 (XV)

Air Jordan 15 (XV)

The Air Jordan 15 (XV) was released in 1999/2000. This was it. The first shoe after Michael’s retirement. It could’t have been easy for Nike/JB to decide to release a shoe when the athlete that was 100% connected to this product had just retired. But the decision turned out to be good.

Prada rip-off or original flying design
The design of the Air Jordan 15 (XV)s originated from the air craft X-15 which was developed by NASA during the 1950’s and was, to say the least, a bit radical.

The tounge of the shoe was sticking out in a style that very much made your thoughts go directly to Michael himself and his tounge sticking out. The sides of the shoe were in a woven pattern.

Many people said this was a rip-off of a Prada shoe when it comes to the red stripe at the back of the shoe. Maybe the Prada shoes were inspiration sources for Hatfield as well, but that’s very uncertain.


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