Last week we covered Texas senator Wendy Davis’s attempt at a 12 hour filibuster in which she laced up a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 16 for the long haul. The stand by Davis caused her to gain huge popularity as some say she is now the face of the Pro-Choice platform. In that very  post we begged the question if the shoes would garner more interest after Davis’ national coverage, and subsesquent fame? Well it certainly has and in a very interesting way. As you can guess the runners have had a huge spike in sales on the Mizuno website as well as juggernaut‘s website. Harper Cornell, a Mizuno spokesperson, had this to say to running magazine Runner’s World about the rising popularity of the shoe:

“The resulting attention from media and social media has driven a significant increase in traffic to and the Wave Rider 16 product page, specifically. Daily website traffic totals nearly double compared to the same day last week, and the Wave Rider 16 product page led as the number one viewed page.”

But that wasn’t the most interesting part about the buzzing rouge red/apple green Mizuno Wave Rider 16. On both Mizuno and Amazon’s product page commenters have taken to writing reviews ranging from extremely political to downright hilarious. The political and sneaker worlds don’t usual cross paths but Davis has caused quite the response for these sneakers. Some reviews have called them, “shoes that can stop elephants” [Republicans] and “the perfect shoe for a rally to keep your rights from getting trampled”. But all the reviews aren’t so glowing or humorous as Pro Life commenters also voice their views as fervently as the Pro choice writers. Regardless of what platform you stand for you must admit that the attention these shoes are getting is amazing, and a positive for the sneaker world. You can grab these politically charged sneaks on either the Amazon or Mizuno website.