Not too long ago, we compared Nike’s Tinker Hatfield to Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto because they are most celebrated and beloved auteurs of their respective fields. Their track records are unmatched and when it is showtime, few people can tell a better story of how a concept in their mind or an inspiration that came to them becomes a product that we love (or at times, love to hate).  They have both forever earned the benefit of the doubt when they bring out something that might not appeal to the hardcore or casual fans right away and that is testament to how good they are and how good they still can be when everything lines up right.  That divisive opinion right now is what Hatfield faces with the Air Jordan 29.

In this clip taken from the launch of the Air Jordan 29 from New York City last week, learn about the design process of the Air Jordan 29 and how it started from an rather unconventional place that seems more at home with suit and ties than the most technologically advanced basketball shoe in the world.

Check out the video up top and these exclusive pics from the launch and let us know what you think about the Air Jordan 29 after you’ve had a few days to digest the news.