Without a doubt,  the hottest thing to hit the streets this past weekend was the Parra x Patta Nike Air Max 1 at the Patta and Nike 1948 stores. Though we were not able to make it there personally, we have received plenty of footage from the release.

Release on Saturday, sneakerheads lined up since Friday finally got their hands on a pair. Word is the Patta store only had 200 pairs, and the Nike store only had 10-15. that is crazy. However, there is a bit of good news. According to some sources, the 21 Mercer store may be getting a few pairs on hand. Although, we do not know when or how many. As SOON as we know, we will definitely let you know. You could also check out the Twitter for the 21 Mercer store or their Blog.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures and video.

Patta images via: sourcesource

Nike 1948 image via: ISS member Aneks

Video 1 via: ISS member Duncan

Video 2 Via: SepatuFresh