Velcro Straps Appear On The Alexander Lee Chang x Vans Old Skool EZ Collaboration

Alexander Lee Chang is a Japanese pro skater who ended up converting to a fashion designer. Now that his main focus is creating in fashion instead of on the board, he has teamed up with Vans to bring us a special version of the Vans Old Skool EZ.

The Vans Old Skool EZ is a new model that they are proud to introduce, and essentially is a Vans Old Skool but instead of laces it comes with a set of 3 velcro straps that replace the laces. The Vans Old Skool EZ will come in tonal upper that consists of two shades of blue, where the straps end up utilizing the navy blue hue. In addition to the straps, there will also be a  “Meow Allies” badge placed on the tongue. Lastly, a vulcanized midsole completes the aesthetics of the shoe. Set to be available for internationally in the near future for about $108, are you looking to pick up a pair?

via: BILLY’s

 Author’s Take

The velcro straps make the Vans Old Skool more expensive? Why? Not my style man, I’ll pass.

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