Vans West vs East vs Europe - Forty Four Hi PackA collaboration has been made between Crooks and Castles of the West Coast, 5Boros of the East, Danny Wainwright of the UK and Vans to create the Vans West vs East vs Europe – Forty Four Hi Pack.

This collection features several different colorways that coincide with the collaborator they represent; a black and red colorway is used on the shoe representing 5boros NYC, the Crooks and Castles uses a Gucci inspired theme featuring red and green accents on the Forty Four Hi. The Forty Four Hi is also available in an orange and white version or purple and black. The final shoe in the series is the most unique making use of a wool heel cap and woolen accents along with white and yellow stripes.

We want to know, which one is your favorite? Via Hypebeast.