Vans OTW

Check out the¬†Vans OTW “In Honor of Living the Good Life” Book, which is a photo book that features spreads based on sneakers and art dedicated to some of its 2012 advocates, including¬†Chris Kong, Lupe Fiasco, and more. It also includes some previews of upcoming Fall 2012 kicks.

The Vans OTW Collection proudly presents In Honor of Living the Good Life, a limited run photo book dedicated to our 2012 Advocates Lupe Fiasco, Eric Elms, Dimitri Coste, Chris Kong and independent creative thinkers around the world. With over 50 pages of content, In Honor of Living the Good Life gives readers a look into the lives of our Advocates with candid photography by 13th Witness, Scott Pommier and Max Wanger. Readers can also check out an introduction to the Fall 2012 season of product featuring the Alcon, Alomar, Ludlow Decon, Stovepipe and the new OTW Apparel line. Pick up your free copy this month at select Vans retail locations and key OTW accounts.