Simplicity reigns supreme. Especially in the spring and summer when it feels like Satan has control of the thermostat and there isn’t an angel in sight to check him.

The vulcanized sole heavyweight champions of the world have rolled out a pair of their flagship favorites in the Vans Era Canvas. Sure, they could have concocted some wild and zany patterns to toss on these low-profile casual kicks, but let’s face it, sometimes you ain’t got time for all of that. Sometimes all you need is a clean pair of black Vans to wear with your favorite tee while you grocery shop. Other times you might want a classy gum sole look to pair with a nice button up while you’re on a ice cream date with that PYT you met walking your dog. Whatever the occasion, these kicks are ready to get you there in simple style. If you’re pickin’ up what we’re puttin’ down, then head to Vans and part ways with $45.

Available Now on Kixify & eBay