Did you know the Vans Sidestripe was originally referred to as the “jazz stripe”? What started off as a doodle by Paul Van Doren quickly became a symbol for one of the most iconic skate brands in the game. Helping celebrate the 35 years of success of the Vans trademark is the Vans Classics “Sidestripe” Pack. Featured in the pack is the Vans Old Skool and any installment you reach for will be a suitable choice.

The Vans Classics “Sidestripe” Pack delivers the Vans Old Skool model in three different looks. The first is set in High Rise/Cork, the second in Khaki/Tortoise and the third in Red/Leopard. The Sidestripe decal on each sneaker contrasts either the monochromatic grey, brown or red base. Gold eyelets also adorn the sneakers, as do a suede toe and heel and a canvas base. If you’re interested in picking these up then head over to your local Vans retailer today and swoop in for the cop, they’re only $60.