If you’ve been following the site for the past two years, chances are you know about our efforts to help provide clean water for communities across the world who truly need it.  We have been very successful in raising funds to put these projects in motion and now we are pleased to show you the progress of one of our earlier efforts.

The reality is that getting clean water and the resources to make it happen takes time.  The Grat Kedam community in Ethiopia used to walk up to two hours just get water that was usable.  Now thanks to your help, we are able to cut that time down significantly as now they are able to collect up to 15 liters of water to use each day.  Also, thanks to the training they have received from our partners, the families in Grat Kedam will be able to help sustain this project for years to come.  Everybody who donated to this effort should feel a sense of pride seeing the inscription next to the well.

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