The latest from Ewing Athletics  will feature a Ewing Athletics Rogue commemorating the Irish holiday, “St. Patrick’s Day”.  The  Ewing Rogue looks to be in a joyful mood with it’s vibrant and energetic colorway.  With an obvious homage to the Irish holiday, the Ewing Rogue is sure to be seen from a mile away.

The Ewing Rogue will come with a green upper that is then complimented by the orange accents to execute great contrast. The tongue will feature a white four leaf clover with an orange “33”, which further elaborates the Irish theme of the shoe. the shoe will also come with a strap that will have the Ewing  and Rogue branding. So, if you’re feeling festive and are in the need of some good luck, perhaps these latest Ewing Rogue’s will do the trick. Let us know if you’re feelin’ this later pair from Ewing Athletics.

via: Ewing Athletics

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