Rukus 8

This past weekend we saw the release of the Rukus x Nike SB Dunk Low which depicts Louisiana heritage all over the sneaker and special packaging. What many of you may not know is that the sneaker was designed by 19-year-old general business sophomore and Rukus Board Shop employee Hunter Hulin.

Hulin began working on the design last April after approaching the store’s Nike representative, where he was essentially given a blank outline of a shoe. He said that Nike occasionally accepts designs from skate shops, but the process of producing an original design is nearly impossible because designers have to find out what steps need to be taken. Nike encouraged him to design the shoe but also told him not to get discouraged. Even though Hulin knew his chances of getting his designed chosen by Nike were slim to none, he decided to give it a shot anyway.

Hunter said that he took some newspaper clippings and colored pencils to create his design since he isn’t any good at Photoshop. He took the newspaper and traced around the mid-panel and cut it out, this came out to be what arguably makes the shoe so original and what Hulin thinks stood out to Nike the most. The limited edition special packaging is also another great feature of this special release. The box displays crawfish on a newspaper-covered table with corn sprinkled among the mudbugs. Inside the box is the pair of shoes packaged in a small crawfish sack while newspaper replaces the normal white tissue paper stuffing the sneaker box. There was only 500 of these special edition boxes available and they sold out almost instantly.

Even though Hulin did not receive any profit from his design other than the pride of his work, he had this to say, “What we’ve gotten is better than any amount of money they could have given us. Just the recognition for the shop and the state is enough.”

Well you’ve definitely made Louisiana proud young man. Kudos to you Hunter Hulin!

via: The Daily Reveille

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