Stephen Curry wraps up his Asian part of his international tour by visiting Tokyo. Japan’s capital shares many of the same characteristics with Stephen’s game on the court: iconic, electrifying, innovative, and groundbreakingly different. To begin his first full day in this magical metropolis, Stephen trained bright and early at the Toyo-Eiwa Girls’ School basketball court with a special audience – 40 students from the U-15 and B-League Jr. teams.

Following his training session, Stephen and his trainer, Brandon Payne, held a clinic for the students, sharing skills and tips on how through will and hard work, they could embrace a wired different mindset to achieve the impossible, just like Stephen. Special guest appearances included local superstars Ryuichi Kishimoto and Yutaro Suda from the Ryukyu Golden Kings.

While Stephen is usually the tourist attraction for those visiting the Bay Area, it was his time to play tourist and take in the sights of Tokyo. Starting with Shibuya, Stephen stepped out in the famous Shibuya Crossing to watch his Curry 5 creative takeover the screens before fans recognized and circled him to offer a special welcome to the area. He then greeted more than 600 students ages 8-12 years old at Ariake West Academy, where he presented autographed gifts and offered an inspirational message about the power of will to accomplish one’s dreams. Stephen also visited CH Harajuku, Tokyo Tower, the Ginza District and Kabuki-za – taking in the sights, the sounds, the hustle and the bustle, getting to know Tokyo and its people in a way few take the time to do.

To conclude the day, Stephen made his way over to Roppongi to introduce a new Curry 5 colorway exclusive to Tokyo, watch the finals of the SEA 3×3 tournament and present the winning team with a special prize, a pair of signed Curry 5s for each player. The crowd was buzzing from the game and the new Curry 5 colorway, so much that Stephen and his father, Dell, couldn’t stand on the sidelines any longer. With their competitive spirits, Stephen and Dell faced off in a 3-point contest with local players, and later took shots from the court to a barrel above the court – with Stephen nailing the shot and providing a memory of a lifetime for everyone in the arena. Both Stephen and Dell then made a surprise visit to an Under Armour Curry 5 pop up shop above the Roppongi Hills Arena, where Stephen signed a large scale Curry 5 black colorway amongst hundreds of fans.

To conclude Stephen’s tour of Tokyo, he was given the esteemed honor on Wednesday of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at the Yomiuri Giants baseball game. His father, Dell Curry – who was selected by the Baltimore Orioles in the 1985 MLB draft but instead opted to continue playing basketball – was on hand to offer a little coaching and encouragement alongside Giants manager Yoshinobu Takahashi. Stephen looked like a natural on the mound, with Giants fans ecstatic to see the NBA superstar show off his skills.

via: UA