TheĀ Under Armour Curry 2 Low Chef has been under much scrutiny the minute the shoe released to the public. Everyone and anyone was stating that the shoe’s looked like “Dad” shoes, or ever worse, “Nurse” shoes. How did Curry react? By wearing them the very next day and proclaiming that they were “straight fire” and even putting a little flame emoji on the upper to further prove his point. Something must have lit up in Mache Custom’s brain because he utilized theĀ Under Armour Curry 2 Low Chef as the base of his latest custom.

The custom undergoes a makeover to make it seem as if it truly was on fire. Mache places flame emojis on the heel and more impressively, customizes the shoe to make it appear as if part of the upper was charred by fire. Mache states that the shoes were made for Curry. Do you see Curry wearing these?


via: Mache275

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