Ubiq x Asics GT Cool - Nightshade

Per Ubiq: Very much like our last Asics collab, the Midnight Blooms, the Nightshade represents our admiration for mother nature and our affinity for the dark hours. But you see, it goes much deeper than that. Nightshades are a family of plants, many of which are highly toxic, used throughout the Middle Ages as medicines, poisons and hallucinogens. Its name is a derivation from the Old English nihtscada meaning “unrecorded night”, supposedly referring to its narcotic effects. We get the same way when it comes to our own sneakers. One minute we’re given the cads to work on an Asics silhouette, the next thing you know we’re waking up on our desks with a full-color GT Cool silhouette in our hands, no recollection of how we got there. We may or may not have been under the influence when we designed this, we can’t really remember.
Name Ubiq x Asics GT Cool - Nightshade
Colorway Nightshade Green
Release Date Jul 26, 2014
Style Code H43BK8090
Retail Price $150