Nike Air Yeezy 2

Hype - photo 4

The Story: All hail Yeezy, right? Since the release of the original Nike Air Yeezy 1, sneakerheads and collectors everywhere have been raving about the Kanye West and Nike collab.  Kanye has always been a marketing genius.  When he and Nike got together to make the Yeezy 2, they both knew exactly how to get people’s attention.  With close friends of Kanye and other celebrities running around in early pairs of Yeezys, everyone was anxious for the official release.  And with limited pairs only coming out in select stores, sneakerheads went crazy for a pair.  When 21Mercer did their twitter RSVP for both the Solars and Platinums, they were all spoken for within seconds.  The steep price of $245 retail didn’t stop anyone from grabbing a pair.  If you weren’t lucky enough to snag a pair for retail, there were pairs floating around on eBay for $3000. 

The Reality: Since then, “Yeezy” colorways have brought attention to the sneaker world  in form of customs, IDs, and more!  Anything with a “Yeezy” colorway or perceived to be influenced by “Yeezy” is as hyped as anything with a “Galaxy” colorway.  Unfortunately the hype for the Yeezy 2s didn’t drop as much as the Galaxy foams.   Prices are still around $2000 or more, and the hype is still there.   And with the impending release of the Red Yeezy 2 later this year, the hype ain’t dying down anytime soon.