Hyped - Cover
Rancell doesn’t seem to have a problem picking up the kicks you all want. If he can do it, so can you.

What makes a sneaker “valuable”? Is it the person it’s named after?  Is it the amazing moment that they were a part of?  Is it the actual production run? Or is it the insane amount of money that sneakerheads are willing to overpay even though it won’t make them any cooler than they were before they bought it?  Kicks on Fire contributor and photographer Rancell Iglesias doesn’t buy into the hype.  While he understands the business of sneakers and the realities of reselling, he doesn’t get why sneakerheads are so willing and able to fork more than they have to when with a little patience, everybody can get what they want.  Well, until we get to the last sneaker on this list.  You’ll see…

Hype has always been a part of the sneaker community.  Starting with the release of the first Air Jordan, sneakerheads and collectors have been yearning for “limited” pairs of anything.  Having a hyped pair of shoes gives you a feeling of exclusivity and rareness, but if you didn’t get them for retail, is it worth cashing out for a pair right away?  Some may say yes because they NEED to have a pair, and some will say no and wait for the right time to grab a pair.  While these past couple of years has brought sneaker hype to a whole new level, people need to realize that these hyped releases are not that serious.  I know you’re probably thinking, “How could he say such a thing?”  I’ll tell you right now that most of these releases aren’t going to be as hard as you think it is to get a pair now that they have had more than enough time to simmer in the marketplace. 

Air Jordan 11 “Concord”Hype - photo 5

The Myth: Some sneakerheads claim this was the birth of the “hypebeast” as we know and loathe them today.  People have been waiting for another “Concord” release since it last dropped in 2000. Most people anticipated the release to be crazy, but nobody actually knew what was going to happen.  People lined up all night in the cold.  Some started mid-day Friday and waited until Saturday morning.  Even parents of kids were out there trying to get a pair!  As soon as the doors opened, people went absolutely wild.  They were running to stores, pushing people out of the way and even trampling others all in the name of the Concords.  For a few weeks after release, resale prices were up to $400 and even higher.  Many people were paying around this price for a while. 

The Reality: A year after they released, Finishline had a secret Cyber Monday restock of the Concords.  This paved the way for the first of many restocks to come later in 2013, “The Year of The Restock.”  People were thrilled to have the chance to grab a pair for retail.  Since then, the Concords have been restocked a few more times, and resale prices have gone down immensely.   Now who looks cool undeastocking their pair a year and a half after its initial release?