KOF IG Toro (3)
Take that tag off! It’s like buying an iPhone and keeping the plastic cover it came with…

You know we had to do the remix, right?

There were soooo many pictures of the Air Jordan 4 “Toro Bravo” (or whatever the purists want to call it because apparently they disapprove of “Toro Bravo”) that the KoF community tagged us with over the course of the first week of availability that it was inevitable that a post like this would happen.  Anytime an Air Jordan 4 retro drops, there’s obviously going to be a lot excitement surrounding it, but the “Toro Bravo” colorway was a little bit different because this was an entirely new, non-OG release and people were treating it like it was an OG.  Maybe the fuss had more to do with the nickname (the original “Toro Bravo” came from a classic Air Jordan 5) than anything else, but really, any Air Jordan that uses red and black is a formula for success.  And based on the many, many pictures that people posted on Instagram, it looks like that formula holds up.  So enjoy the gallery and if you’re like me, just sigh longingly as you missed out on a pair (or smile because apparently you can still find some in stores).