Cue the NFL Films music. “In the frozen tundr… uh, floor of the Barclays Center”

With the NBA season essentially a weekend away from kicking off, now seems like the perfect time* to unveil our list of the top 35 kicks of the preseason.  While some did not hesitate to unleash some heat during the exhibition games, you could tell there was a bit of holding back by the league’s best  players (*cough* Black Mamba *cough*) and noted sneakerheads alike.  But that’s not to say the list is devoid of great kicks; far from it, in fact.  Because if there’s anything this list seems to indicate, is that no matter the game, no matter the location, and in the case of our #1 pick, no matter how long they wear it, news of hot sneakers will travel and we will be there to admire and hope we don’t have to get in line to get them when they drop.

A couple of ground rules here before people start asking, “hey, how come Nate Robinson is only on the list once (spoiler)?”  Each player only gets one appearance on the list because it wouldn’t be fair to the other players who can only wear either their signature kicks or their PEs.  So we’re going with what we feel is their best shot and that’s it.

*Yes, I realize the last of preseason games are tonight.  We’ll slap an addendum to that and go from there.  Hey, it’s the preseason, it kinda sorta only counts…

 35. Jrue Holiday – adidas Crazy Shadow PE