It’s LeBron X Day in Miami, apparently..

On Monday, the Nike LeBron X finally became available for use in NBA 2K13, or as LeBron James would put it, “it’s about damn time.”  Even though 2K13 has been out for over a month now and the LeBron X in some shape or form has been out for even longer than that, there were actually fans questioning whether the shoe would even make it to the game.

As it stands, there are two versions of the Nike LeBron X in the game: the standard “Default” shoes (more on that below) and the NIKEiD version, which will allows you to create your own custom colorway for the use in the game.  In a moment of brilliant co-marketing, when you use NIKEiD in the game, you will also get an email with a link to the actual NIKEiD site and they will give you the option to actually have your in-game shoes made for you in real life.

However, as most of you already know, the iD option is limited to a set number of colors and materials, whether it’s in the game or real life.  Yes, you can create colorways like the “South Beach” or the “Sprite,” but what about other famous colorways in the LeBron line, like the “Taxi” or the “Miami Nights” or even ones that have yet to release, like the “Christmas” or the “Dunkman?”  Well, it’s possible in 2K13 if you choose to edit the “Default” LeBron X instead of going on NIKEiD.  It takes a little bit more effort because you now have material options to mess around with like plastic, leather, patent leather (!), rubber, canvas and even metal, but the results can get pretty close to the real thing.

So let’s highlight some of the best colorways we have seen made in the game so far.  If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments section because there’s nothing better than being told anonymously on the internet how great bad of a job you’re doing.

Default Colorway Examples: “Lakers” and “Thunder”

If you don’t want to bother with creating your own custom colorways, you can also just pick the default LeBron X and it will automatically adjust to your chosen team’s colors.  So who better to show this off than Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant?   Sure, it would never happen in real life and it’s basically the basketball video game equivalent of Kurt Cobain signing “You Give Love a Bad Name,” but it’s still funny nonetheless.