Throughout the years we have seen an impressive advancement in the technology and design of the sneakers we love so much. From the simplistic beginnings of the good ole Chuck Taylors to present time sneaks having the ability to tell us our vertical leap, every decade has put its mark on the sneaker culture and industry. We put together our the best of the best from each decade to pay homage to some of the most influential shoes of their time. First up, the 1980’s.

10. Air Jordan 4

In 1989, Tinker Hatfield kept the hits coming. After the huge success of the Air Jordan 3 release, Tinker went back to the drawing board, but with functionality more in mind. The 4 takes design aspects from its first 3 predecessors, but saw improvements in support, such as the trademarked straps on the sides of the shoe for added ankle support. The shoe also sported more breathable and lighter materials, which helped guide #23 to some memorable performances….sorry Cavs fans.