Honorable Mention goes to Matt Bonner and his New Balance heat.  What?
Honorable Mention goes to Matt Bonner and his New Balance heat. What?

This past season, NBA Kicks was the product of two diehard fans who live and breathe the game of basketball (and find it hilarious whenever somebody says the words “rigged” but conveniently forget things like “Michael Jordan” and “San Antonio Spurs”), yours truly and Kicks on Fire contributor Joe Sherman.  For over eight months, we poured countless hours to finding the best and brightest kicks that were being worn by the NBA’s finest (and not so finest) on a nightly basis.  Whether it was the easy ones with signature shoes like LeBron James and Kevin Durant to the usual suspects like Nate Robinson and Nick Young or even the one-night wonders (Chris Douglas-Roberts, I’m looking at you), it was the best season yet for kicks on the hardwood.  So with that in mind, Joe has put together his list of NBA Kicks MVPS while I chime in with my picks as well.  Who came with the prestigious honor?  Click away and find out….

10. Iman Shumpert

Joe - 10cWith Derrick Rose resting injured for the 2012-2013 NBA season, it was up to Iman Shumpert to hold it down for team adidas. Shump Shump debut various kicks this season including (ironically) Derrick Rose signatures, adidas Real Deal PE’s, and a pair of Jeremy Scott PE’s that had MSG turned up.Joe - 10b

Joe - 10

Joe - 10a

Juan’s Pick: Rajon Rondo (He deserves shine even if he only played half a season.)