HSF - 5b
That’s not where that… oh, forget it. Let them be great, right?

2013 has been a pretty fun year for kicks considering it’s only halfway done with enough hot releases to last most of us regular sneakerheads a lifetime and then some.  But this year also produced some of the most head-scratching moments in recent memory as well, with people doing all that they can to own just one more elusive pair of kicks.  And when they do get it?  Boy, do they let the world know it.   And if they don’t get it?  We hear about it too… again.

Social media and the desire to be liked (or get likes) have led many a lost sneakerhead down the path of thirstiness.  It’s a path full of obnoxious hashtags, unnecessary shout outs and enough ampersat symbols that the autofill feature on their smartphones is full on nonsensical garbage.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to be liked, but when it’s at the expense of your dignity and your credit score, maybe it’s time to reconsider this whole sneakerhead thing. 

This is the story of the 10 best (or worst) the kicks that got sneakerheads all kinds of thirsty in 2013 so far.  Believe…

10. Nike SB Dunk Pro Low “Concord”HSF - 10a

White mesh? Black patent leather? Translucent outsole? Concord on the sole? And it’s an SB?  Put them all together and you got the SBoncords, the sneaker that turned skate shoe haters into SBologists overnight…