Remember this brand? Thorocraft hasn’t been on the scene for a while but the wait is over. They’ve hit us back with a dope look for the Thorocraft Hampton silhouette. You’re getting everything you could ask for in terms to uniqueness, classiness, and hipster-ness. The Thorocraft Hampton “Floral” gets dressed up in a durable canvas material, but the focus is on the design. As always.
The forefoot is set with a Black background while vivid shades of Pink goes into the flowers that travel along the toe. A realistic twist hits the leaves along the ankle while a premium leather heel tab completes the design. Really, are you feeling these?! Head on over to your local Thorocraft retailer to pick these up.

Author’s Take

I like the silhouette, I like the design, but I don’t like to two together. Not to say it isn’t cool, but I can’t even begin wondering how I’d be able to rock them.

If you’ve got it in you, these are a solid cop. But know yourself, know your worth. If you can’t pull them off? Stay away.¬†