So Russell Westbrook’s season ended much like some of the other players we’ve featured here so far in Season in Sole: with a crappy injury that has nothing to do with the brand of kicks they wear.  Unfortunately for us, we will no longer be treated to the things that make Russell Westbrook well, Russell Westbrook.  Gone are the ferocious dunks complete with over-the-top celebrations, the controlled chaos that made him so unpredictable on the court and the goofy brotherhood he and Kevin Durant share as one of the coolest and dorkiest superstar duos ever.

And there’s the outfits.  Dear God, we’re going be deprived of those things unless they cut to him during a break in the action whenever he is well enough to at least sit courtside.  Who are Kenny, Charles and Shaq going to clown during the postgame press conference?  They can only pick on Dwyane Wade so much…

As for the sneakerheads, we’re going to be missing the guy who really spearheaded the Air Jordan XX8 movement.  From the moment we first saw the Air Jordan XX8, we knew that Russell Westbrook was going to be the perfect player to rock them.  His cavalier attitude towards style was essentially the embodiment of the XX8 and its tagline, “it’s not for everybody.”   The NBA season is a little less exiciting now that Russell Westbrook is out until next season, but here is our tribute to the All-Star guard with a look back at the best Js – both new and retro – that he rocked this season.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images/NBA Entertainment, Associated Press, Sports Illustrated, Jim Ice

10. Air Jordan XX8 PE