This Former NBA Player’s Son Is 15 Years Old, 7 Feet Tall And Dominating On The Court

How many of you are old enough or knowledgeable enough to remember Manute Bol. He was drafted as the 31stĀ overall pick in the 1985 NBA Draft and stood at a gigantic 7 feet 7 inches. Now his son, Bol Bol looks to have the same fate as his dad, except that he’ll be better.

In the highlight clip you see above Bol Bol shows the rare combination of height, athleticism, defense, rebounding and a shooting stroke. We don’t see that very much in the NBA these days with the exception of special players like Kevin Durant and a couple of others. The scary thing about this kid is that, he’s JUST A KID. Bol Bol is only 15 years old and is already 6’11 and seems like he should be playing with college players. He’s also balling in the Under Armour Curry One, so I’m sure UA is pretty happy about that.

What do you think Bol’s future holds? Will he continue to improve or is he not destined for the NBA? Is he better than Shaq’s son Shareef?

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