We’re wrapping up another year and as we get ready to step into 2016 it wouldn’t be right to leave 2015 without saying our proper goodbyes. 2015 was quite the year when it comes to sneakers. It marked the 30th anniversary of Jordan Brand and the first year of their “Remastered” initiative, and it also brought us the beginning of the new flourishing relationship between adidas and Kanye West. We also had more collaborative releases this year than any other year I can remember. I mean seriously it felt like every week we would see something new coming out of New Balance, Saucony, Asics, Reebok, PUMA, Vans, adidas, Nike or even Jordan Brand getting into the mix.

There was definitely something for everyone this year. If you weren’t feeling most of the Air Jordan retros that released in 2015 I don’t blame you, but there was plenty of other sneakers and brands to choose from. Every year there’s those “key” releases that for one reason or another get everyone hooked and “needing” a pair. Those are typically the sneakers that create a lot of buzz and as a result are extremely difficult if not close to impossible to cop unless you’re well connected, lucky, or willing to go through drastic measures to get a pair. Since top 10 lists are something that we do quite often here at Kicks On Fire I came up with a list of The Top 10 Toughest Sneakers To Cop In 2015 as part of our #KoFBestOf2015 features. The shoes are in no particular order because it would be tough to put them in a “correct” order.

1Nike Air Foamposite One All Star


This will probably go down as the most hyped and sought after Foamposite of 2015. This sneaker released during All Star weekend and was the buzz of the sneaker world for a few days. That was until people started noticing that the chrome material begins to chip/peel after a while. I guess Nike really didn’t think that one through all the way.

2adidas Yeezy Boost 750 (Both Colorways)

I think it didn’t really matter what Kanye’s first sneaker with adidas looked like. The point is that many people idolize the man and buy whatever he makes or wears (see adidas Ultra Boost). Cause come on, you can’t deny that these look A LOT like UGG boots. I remember when adidas released these online their website couldn’t handle the traffic and it crashed. I bet that was a new feeling for them.

3Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard


Arguably the Air Jordan with the best quality to release in 2015. I was able to see and hold this shoe for the first time earlier this week and they’re BUTTER! The leather is so soft on these. The crazy thing is that people must have gotten word about the quality of the sneaker because I don’t remember anyone looking forward to these when they first surfaced early in the year. That’s hype for you folks!

4Nike Flyknit Racer Multicolor 2.0


This is the only shoe out of this entire list that I actually woke up for at 6 in the morning to try my luck online since that’s the only place they released. I can’t help but believe that there’s no realistic chance at buying an extremely hyped shoe online anymore. I chose my size and clicked “add to cart” at exactly 7am and got the message telling me that my size was already sold out. HOW SWAY?!?!

how sway

5Supreme x Air Jordan 5

What happens when two of the most talked about/popular brands of all time come together and give us a disappointing collaboration? Well people go crazy to get a pair of course. It was probably a very good idea to make these on online only release, but I don’t see anything special or cool about this collaboration. I’ll admit I tried picking up the camo pair when it released on Nike.com for the sole purpose of reselling it though. Haha. #IfYouCantBeatEmJoinEm

6Just Don x Air Jordan 2

I never hear people name the Air Jordan 2 in their list of top 5 Air Jordan silhouettes of all time. Hell these don’t even crack the top 10 for many. So why was everyone going crazy over grabbing this collaboration with Just Don? Ummmm…I’m not really sure I guess. The only thing I can think of is the quilted leather upper. If you have a pair consider yourself lucky because these were pretty limited and really hard to come across.

7Air Jordan 10 OVO

Sneaker Politics

So not only did people all of a sudden become fans of the Air Jordan 2 this year, but it looks like the Air Jordan 10 has also surged in popularity. Let’s be real, the only reason this colorway was so popular was because Drake was attached to it. If you take off the OVO branding these would still be sitting on shelves today. Gotta give props to Drake though, anything he’s attached with these days sells like crazy. Now if only he would design his own shoe like Kanye. I can already see it, adidas Yeezy Boost vs. Air Jordan Drizzy.

8Air Jordan 1 Chicago


The Air Jordan 1 Chicago is probably one of the craziest releases of the year. A couple of months before the shoe released there was the usual hype for an Air Jordan 1, but since it had released in 2013 with the Jumpman on the tongue many people weren’t calling it a “must-have.” But on release day everything changed. If you hit up eBay, Instagram, Twitter, Craigslist or anywhere else where people were reselling pairs they were going for upwards of $500! Yeah, FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! I was in complete shock. And the crazy thing is that people were actually paying that much. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on two pairs. One to rock (which I already rocked in case you’re wondering) and one to put up on display in my glass case.

9adidas Yeezy Boost 350 (All 4 Colorways)

The adidas Yeezy Boost 350 may win the award for most popular sneaker of 2015. After all, Kanye West did win the Footwear News “Shoe of The Year” for his adidas Yeezy Boost so it’s hard to argue against that. I personally don’t like the sneaker, but since it has adidas’ Boost technology I know it must be very comfortable. Every time a new colorway releases it’s always guaranteed to sell out instantly. I wonder if we’ll be seeing more colorways in 2016.

10Air Jordan 11 72-10

Lapstone & Hammer

Did Yeezy jump over the Jumpman? Nah. Kanye and adidas may be more popular than Jordan Brand at the present moment, but there’s still a long way to go before we can consider them equals. When Kanye and adidas start giving us general release Yeezys with more than 5 or 6 pairs per year, then we can compare the two. Jordan Brand is and will still remain king for the time being. This year’s Air Jordan 11 holiday release has some historic significance behind it and uses some new premium materials that make it stand out from previous releases. No matter how many pairs you think or know will be available tomorrow, the facts are that this is still an Air Jordan 11 and your ordinary person who is barely into sneakers will be trying to get their hands on a pair. After all Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. I can promise you that the Air Jordan 11 72-10 will not be an easy cop, so good luck if you’ll be going after a pair.


Do you agree/disagree with my list? What sneaker did I leave out? Let me know what other kicks you would add to the toughest sneakers to cop in 2015.