The Nike LeBron 12 “What The” has been received with mixed emotions, with many of the critics saying that is isn’t “What The” enough, if that makes any sense. Today we have another look of what appears to be the right shoe of the pair.

The right shoe will come with a plethora of colors and prints, which is exactly what makes it a “What The” model. Safari and metallic gold can be spotted on the medial side, while  a navy blue take care of most of the lateral side. The Nike Swoosh come in different colors as well, and a red/black striped print appears in various parts of the shoe. If you like what  you see, it has been rumored that this Nike LeBron 12 “What The” is slated to drop sometime in late August or early September.

via: hupu/kickscrew

 Author’s Take

I expect more when it comes to the Nike “What The” series, If I didn’t know any better I would think that this LeBron 12 would be just another general release, not a “What The” colorway. I would have definitely add more colors and prints to the shoe, to really give it that “What The” look and feel.

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