Ever since I can remember Snoop has had a deep love for football. Hell, he even helps coach my hometown’s Pomona Steelers, who happen to be from Snoop’s very own Snoop Youth Football League Pee Wee division. He’s even come out with his very own adidas cleats made especially for the gridiron. So at least to me, it’s no surprise that Snoop is now going to make his passion of football into a career as he is now the newest member of team adidas acting as the Director of Football Recruiting. As you can see in the IG post above, Snoop let everyone see his brand new business that proudly displays his work title with adidas. It seems that “somehow someway” Snoop always manages to get himself into something interesting. Good luck Snoop, we wish you the best with your brand new position with adidas.


 Author’s Take

Snoop’s a cool dude, I’ll never forget the time I had the opportunity to meet him earlier this year. It was pretty interesting to say the least.

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