N. Hoolywood x Airwalk 1

How many of you have ever owned a pair of Airwalk sneakers knew someone who did. Seems like a long time again since Airwalk has been relevant, huh? Well it looks like they’re attempting a comeback starting off with this¬†N. Hoolywood x Airwalk collaboration consisting of two different pairs of sneakers.

The two pairs of sneakers appear to be the same model but dressed up differently when it comes to the materials that they use on the upper. The first pair is done up in a sheep mouton while the second pair opts to come in a cow leather upper. Both pairs will have an sole unit that is shark inspired as you can see by the jagged edges on the outsole. Set to release September 12th for around $260, let us know about this Airwalk comeback.

via: Hypebeast

¬†Author’s Take

If Airwalk truly us trying to make a comeback, perhaps coming out with a $260 dollar shoe as their first sneakey may not have been such a good idea. Only time will tell if it backfires on them.


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