The Game Plan: “Gamma Ray” Nike Zoom KD 5 and apparel from Champs Sports

This much is true: Kevin Durant has changed.  This season has been an eye-opener for not only Durant but for his fans who have seen their super hero change from mild-mannered scoring champion to cold-blooded MVP candidate.  Durant has unleashed a mean streak this season and is taking out his frustrations on the rest of the league.  And with the playoffs fast approaching, expect Durant and his scowl to make more appearance on your television screen as they prepare for the stretch run.

So what exactly happened between the 2012 NBA Finals – when Durant’s Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the Miami Heat – and this season?

As somebody who has read more than his share of comic books, my best guess is that while he was winning Olympic Gold and touring the world with Nike, he may or may not have accidentally wandered onto the testing field of an experimental gamma bomb.  As a result, whenever Durant feels agitated or just plain ornery, he gains superhuman strength, speed, agility and three-point accuracy.  And the numbers don’t lie, either; if Durant keeps up his historic scoring run, he will only be sixth player in NBA history  to finish the season shooting 50% from the field, 40% from three-point range and 90% at the free throw line.

Naturally, Nike has caught on this new KD and has teamed up with Champs Sports to release a new collection of apparel that look perfect for those times when you’re feeling green.  And as you should know by now, you won’t like it (on the court) when KD is green.