“By the time you see me coming, it’s too late.” – Michael Jordan

That quote was really the muse behind the stealth-inspired Air Jordan XX8.  But as sacrilege as it sounds, we’re going to have to disagree with MJ on one point.  We didn’t know that the Air Jordan XX8 would look like, but we knew for sure it was coming.  In fact, we could even pinpoint to an exact weekend of when it would drop.  Because there are few things in life that are a sure thing, but one of them is the latest model in the legendary Air Jordan always debuts in store shelves during All-Star Weekend.

To commemorate the launch of the Air Jordan XX8 on February 16, Champs Sports (@champssports) will also be dropping on the same day a collection – #TheGamePlan if you will – of apparel and kicks that is meant to compliment the baller who will be rocking XX8s on the court soon.  If you’re going to be as stealthy as the Air Jordan XX8, your game plan better be on point.  Last thing you want to do is look like Solid Snake with the kicks but dressed up like Mario from the feet up.